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DivorceThe divorce process can be extremely overwhelming and emotionally exhausting. Especially when child custody and child support arrangements need to be made because minor children are involved. Without the help of a Tennessee divorce attorney, many couples end up doing more damage to their family by further complicating an already complicated process.

Whether you’re concerned about the potential costs or think you can resolve things amicably, there’s no substitution for working with an experienced lawyer who knows Tennessee divorce law and understands what you’re going through.

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Tennessee Divorce Law

Under Tennessee state law, a spouse may file for divorce based on either “fault” or “no-fault” grounds. No-fault grounds include irreconcilable differences or separation (without living together) for at least two years, as long as there are no children involved. Fault grounds include adultery, willful desertion of at least one year, felony conviction, domestic cruelty and/or emotional abandonment.

Alimony in Tennessee

Keep in mind that Tennessee law also recognizes transitional alimony, or payments intended to help the supported spouse adjust to the financial consequences of a divorce. Certain types of alimony may be discontinued if the supported spouse lives with a third party, regardless of whether or not they remain unmarried. It’s important to work with a qualified Chattanooga divorce lawyer to ensure that your alimony arrangements are beneficial to you.

Distributing Marital Property

Once the divorce process is complete, marital property is equitably distributed between the two parties, regardless of whose name appears on the title. In order to determine what is equitable, the court may consider the length of the marriage, both spouses’ age and health, and each spouse’s contribution to the education and/or earning capacity of the other.

If all of this seems a bit vague, that’s because it is, which is why you should not delay in speaking with an experienced Chattanooga family law attorney and divorce lawyer.

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