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Custody/Mother and ChildWith over 10 years of family law experience, attorney Ryan F. Fetters understands the confusion and emotional turmoil that often accompany child custody disputes.

Having dedicated his professional career to assisting Tennessee residents embroiled in these situations, Mr. Fetters knows what it takes to help you and your family secure the outcome you deserve.

Residential Schedules

Under Tennessee state law, every child custody arrangement must include a residential schedule. A judge will make residential provisions based on the child’s developmental needs and the social and economic circumstances of the family. The overriding objective of any child custody arrangement is that each parent maintain a stable, loving and nurturing relationship with their child.

Parenting Plans

If parents cannot agree on a parenting plan, a judge will intervene to enforce decisions about when the child will be with each parent. The judge will consider several factors when determining which schedule is in the best interests of the child, including each parent’s ability to prepare the child for adulthood, the child’s interactions with each parent, the likelihood that parents will provide the child with food, shelter, and other basic necessities, and the child’s emotional and developmental needs (if applicable).

The court will likely also consider which parent has been the primary caregiver, each parent’s work-related obligations (i.e. schedule, travel and position) and the child’s involvement in school and extracurricular activities. If the child is older than 12, the judge may take into account where he or she would prefer to live.


It is important to remember that the goal of any court is to issue an order that does not disrupt the child’s current lifestyle and also allows the child to maintain a healthy relationship with both parents. Once an order has been executed by the court, it is binding on both parents and cannot be modified unless there is a valid reason for doing so. If you are interested in child custody modifications, attorney Ryan F. Fetters can answer any and all questions you may have.

Tennessee’s parenting plan law states that gender should not be considered in making child custody determinations, and yet a mother is still more likely than a father to be granted primary residential parent status and final decision-making authority. That said, Ryan F. Fetters provides legal counsel to Chattanooga and Hamilton County residents engaged in child custody disputes, regardless of gender.

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