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Excellent Lawyer

My wife had a very messy separation from her ex husband. The first lawyer she used charged her almost $6000 for an uncontested divorce and didn’t even get the divorce decree submitted to be finalized when he said he would. Suffice it to say that we had a very poor impression of lawyers after that.

We were very lucky to find Ryan when my wife’s ex took her to court trying to stop her from homeschooling their daughter. Ryan was very upfront about the fact that family law was not his area of expertise but that he would do what was necessary to become well informed – especially regarding the highly specific nature of home schooling law in the state of Tennessee.

He did that and more. Ryan went out of his way to work with home school defense groups and other lawyers specializing in home schooling to be able to present the most iron-clad case that he could. He wrote up a comprehensive brief for the judge before the court date. Not only did he hit every relevant statute but he also found two previous cases that set the standard for the situation my wife was in. The opposing counsel based her arguments on ad hominem attacks and baseless accusations.

In court Ryan comported himself very well, and did an excellent job of undercutting the opposing counsel. He also did an excellent job of questioning my wife’s ex when he was on the stand. He knew how to get what he needed with just slight prompting instead of forcing the issue or browbeating.

Suffice it to say that my wife was able to continuing homeschooling her daughter – and it turned out even better than we expected without any mandate for testing her child.

Ryan also always makes it a point to make it clear what he feels is necessary and what he feels can actually be achieved. He warned us many times about the very high cost of pursuing the path we were heading down – letting us know that both the court time and the time researching and writing the brief for the court would add up. Such conscientiousness on his part speaks to his integrity.

Through the whole issue Ryan’s primary focus was also on the best interests of my wife’s child. It’s easy to get caught up in the specifics of a case or what the other side is demanding or just trying to hurt the other side, but Ryan also kept perspective which has helped a lot.

Ryan also makes time to meet before court as much as is necessary to make sure that our concerns are properly represented. I’ve never felt rush or unheard.

Just like finding an honest mechanic I’ve come to learn that finding a lawyer with integrity is very important – Ryan has never disappointed in what he’s done for us and where his legal knowledge might be lacking he has absolutely no problem in putting in the effort to research and learn.

- (5 star review)

Superior Lawyer

I would reccommend Mr. Fetter’s to anyone without hesitation. My case was very involved after moving from one jurisdiction to another and after 2 years he finally helped me to get a divorce. Mind you the fee he charged was much less than I had paid the other attorneys and the quality of service and dedication to me as his client was superior. I was a battered woman and I have two small children, during the case I was assaulted in my home in front of our daughters and although I live in GA and he practices in TN he still directed me how to handle the situation and spoke with the attorney representing me in the assualt TPO hearing. I was also pulled into a visitation hearing in VA regarding our children I have had custody of since 1/2010,of course my now ex husband did not show up for. The lawyer appointed to my children in VA spoke with me as well as Mr. Fetters, he provided the VA courts with the necessary paperwork and again advised me how to proceed. Yes this made 3 jursidictions that because my husband was military I was forced to go through and Mr. Fetter’s stood right beside me and truly helped me and my two young daughters to finally break free and begin a healing process. I am thankful for Mr. Fetters for his dedication and excellent work, but most of all for remembering that sometimes the right thing to do is not to kick someone while they are down but to lend a hand to help someone get back up.

- (5 star review)


Ryan is a very informative, knowledgeable and caring attorney. He handled my case with the upmost professional attention. He is a very attentive listener. He is very affordable. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone I know needing a lawyer. I’m currently using his services for child support.

- (5 star review)

Great Lawyer

Ryan’s understanding knowledge of family law and domestice issues makes him one of the top attorneys in the area, and at the most competitive hourly rate. Hire him if you need representation for child custody, child support, or for representation in preparation of a divorce.

- (5 star review)

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